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dr phil drama for rachel...

Lie Detectors

"I feel like I’m taking her to her beheading."
-The First Show
Slide 1/5:

"I am 100 percent sure that Jeremy is molesting my daughter, Kaylee," says Krista. Three-year-old Kaylee was born while Krista and Jeremy were in a relationship. They have since broken up and Jeremy is now married to Danielle. "When I go to drop Kaylee off with Jeremy, I feel like I’m taking her to her beheading." When Kaylee returns home, she hysterically cries and says things like: "He touched my pee-pee," and "Tell them not to do that."

"I love my daughter, and I’m being accused of handling her improperly. What did I do to deserve this?" Jeremy asks. "I think Kaylee screams because she has been told, ‘Daddy’s mean.' I have heard from Kaylee’s mouth, ‘My daddy touched my pee-pee.’ The reason why she says that is because Krista or Bonii tell her to."

Bonii, Krista's mother and Kaylee's grandmother, says she would never tell Kaylee to lie. "Without a shadow of a doubt, Jeremy is molesting Kaylee," she says. "The very first visit Jeremy had with Kaylee, he brought her home, and she said, ‘Jeremy kissed my pee-pee.’ I just wanted to go and kill him at that moment."

Jeremy had not seen Kaylee for nearly the first two years of her life, when Krista sent him an invitation to Kaylee's second birthday party, which he attended. "At some point during the birthday party, Jeremy and Kaylee had both disappeared," Krista says.

Slide 2/5:
"She says, 'Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom.’ I eventually found the diapers and took her into the bathroom. I shut the door. I locked it,'" Jeremy explains. "I’m trying to remember to the best of my abilities. I went and loosened up her trousers, and I pulled her diaper down. I didn’t actually touch her, in any way shape or form, skin to skin. I sat her on the toilet there. About a minute-and-a-half later, Krista started banging on the door."

Krista says that Jeremy had never changed a diaper before that day. "He finally opened the door. Kaylee was not wearing a diaper or any pants. She was crying. He said he was changing her diaper. There was not a clean diaper in the bathroom," she recalls. "I didn’t suspect anything, until I had laid her down to put a clean diaper on her and saw how red she was down there.

Krista recalls another disturbing incident when Jeremy and Danielle had visitation with Kaylee. "At 4:00 a.m. Child Protective Services came to my house. They told me that Kaylee was in the emergency room, and she had a two centimeter tear on her labia. When Child Protective Services told me that Kaylee had a tear, my throat fell in my stomach. I knew she was really being molested. There was no more doubt. All of my fears were confirmed," Krista shares.

Jeremy explains his version of the night he took Kaylee to the emergency room. "She kept on saying that her pee-pee hurt. I said, ‘That’s it. I’m going to take her into the emergency room.’ What happened that night to cause that to happen, I have absolutely no idea how that got there," he says. "I don’t think that Kaylee is being sexually molested by anyone."

Bonii says that she thinks Jeremy was violating Kaylee on the night of the emergency room visit. "Jeremy was either trying to have sex with her, or use an object to penetrate her in some way," she says.

Slide 3/5:

Jeremy is suing for full custody of Kaylee. "I want to have full custody of Kaylee, because I have every reason in the world to suspect Krista is undermining Kaylee," he explains.

Krista thinks Jeremy wants custody for the wrong reasons. "I think Jeremy wants custody of Kaylee so that he can molest her. Kaylee has told me that he takes pictures of her pee-pee. I think that Jeremy is doing something over the Internet, maybe making money," she reveals.

Krista fears for Kaylee's future. "If Jeremy is given custody of my daughter, I will fall apart. I don’t know how I could live knowing every day that my daughter is being molested," she frets.

Slide 4/5:
“Have you contacted Child Protective Services?" Dr. Phil asks Krista. "What happened?"

“Basically, nothing," Krista says. "They took her to be assessed, where she did say that Jeremy hurt her pee-pee. That he did whatever to it. She said that he cut it with a fork, and she also said that the frogman did it to her pee-pee, so they said that she cannot tell fantasy from reality, and they can’t prove anything. So they just closed the case.”

"You've called them a number of times, right?" Dr. Phil asks.

Krista replies, "They say, 'You need to stop making these claims. You're just jealous. This kind of stuff doesn't happen.'"

“I have one interest here, and it’s Kaylee,” Dr. Phil stresses. “If you are doing this in any way as a power play to manipulate and cut him out of her life, shame on you, and you’re going to seriously regret that in time in so many ways you can’t even imagine,” he tells Krista. To Jeremy he says, “If you have impulse control problems and you have been inappropriate with your daughter, then you need help and you need it right now.” He turns back to Krista and says, “If you’re telling me that CPS just blew you off, that’s just not right. I don’t believe what you’re saying … I have worked with the professionals in child welfare for 30 years. I’ve never one time ever heard a professional doing that work do what you just said.”

Slide 5/5:
Dr. Phil turns his attention to Jeremy. “Why is your daughter saying that you’re taking pictures of her vaginal area? Why is she saying that you are touching her inappropriately?” he asks.

Jeremy notes that when Kaylee is playing with her Barbie dolls, he has heard her say, “'Whenever I say that Daddy touches me, Grandma gives me candy, and Grandma gives me Barbie dolls or toys and stuff.'"

“Is that true?” Dr. Phil asks Bonii.

“Never. Absolutely not,” she replies.

“Are you coaching her?” Dr. Phil asks.
“Absolutely not, 100 percent,” she says.

He asks Krista the same question.

“No,” Krista says.

“I’m willing to take a lie detector test,” Bonii adds. “I offered to pay for him to take one. He refused.”

Does Kaylee act differently when she is at her father's house?
-Tug of War

Slide 1/6:

Jeremy arrives to pick Kaylee up, and she is crying. “I don’t want you to pick me up,” she says to Jeremy. “Daddy, I don’t like you."

As Jeremy puts Kaylee in her car seat, she asks, “When am I going to see Krista?”

“We’re going to have to see, OK? You’ll see your mommy again, OK. I promise you that," Jeremy tells her.

“And then I’m not going to go to you?” Kaylee asks.

“Of course you will,” Jeremy says.

“I don’t want to,” Kaylee says.

While the family is at Jeremy and Danielle’s house, Danielle is filming Kaylee and says to her, “Say I love you, Daddy.”

Kaylee says it.

During another segment of the video, Kaylee is lying on Jeremy’s lap giggling, while he tickles her.

When they return back to Krista’s house after the visit, Krista asks Kaylee, “Baby, did you miss Mommy?”

Kaylee doesn’t answer, but a few minutes later she is crying and says, “They touched my pee-pee.”

Slide 2/6:

“Were you coaching her on the tape?” Dr. Phil asks Danielle.

“Sometimes," Danielle admits. “She kind of just sits there and doesn’t know what to say. I’ll get her going and then she’ll just talk for hours.”

“Does anybody just have this child’s interest at heart?”

“I really have Kaylee’s best interest at heart. I wanted her to see her father. I think father figures are extremely important in a child’s life,” Bonii says. “Jeremy knows that I would do anything for him, until I found out what’s going on with Kaylee.”

“I have a really bad feeling about this from both sides,” Dr. Phil says. “Do you think you’re reinforcing her histrionics on the drop off?”

“What have we given her?” Bonii asks.

Dr. Phil explains that Bonii and Krista scoop Kaylee up and tell her everything is going to be OK once she is back with them. “It seems to me that that rewards that behavior on her part," he says.

“I didn’t think that I was rewarding her,” Krista says. “Any time she falls down and gets hurt, any time my kids cry, I pick them up and rub them.”

Slide 3/6:

Dr. Phil repeats his question. “Do you think that when the drop offs are occurring, and you’re all over [saying], ‘We’ve got you now. What happened? Oh, they did that again?’ You don’t think that is reinforcing power on her part that when she says these things that you get — "

“We don’t know, that’s why were here to see you,” Bonii replies.

“I’m uncomfortable with this side of the thing,” Dr. Phil says to Bonii and Krista. Turning to Jeremy he says, “Uncomfortable doesn’t describe what I’m feeling about what’s going on with you here.” Referring to Kaylee’s torn labia, Dr. Phil asks him, “You have no idea where that came from?”

“No, I don’t,” Jeremy replies. “She's 3 years old, OK? You're going to do stuff when you're 3 years old. She’ll jump off of the back of the couch onto the back of my neck. Three-year-olds do stuff.”

“So you’re suggesting it just happened in normal play?” Dr. Phil asks.

“If I had to make a guess, I don’t think that she is being sexually molested from the other side,” Jeremy says, denying that he is molesting her.

Slide 4/6:

Dr. Phil asks Jeremy about the incident at the birthday party when he was changing Kaylee’s diaper. “You’ve got the door locked, presumably for her to use the bathroom and to change her diaper, but you’ve got no diaper,” he says.

“I had a diaper in there,” Jeremy refutes.

“Did he have a diaper, or did he not?” Dr. Phil asks Krista.

“No, there was no clean diaper,” Krista counters.

“Somebody’s lying here!” Dr. Phil says.

Jeremy maintains that he had a diaper with him, but Krista continues to disagree. “You never even had changed a diaper at that point. Why on Earth would I have you change her diaper?” she asks.

Bonii expresses her frustration. “You hadn’t even seen Kaylee since she was 3 months old. You come to her second birthday and you want to go change her diaper?” she asks Jeremy. “That seems a little strange to me.”

Slide 5/6:

Danielle also videotaped her interaction with Kaylee and Krista when she went alone to pick Kaylee up for a visit.

“I don’t want her to pick me up,” Kaylee cries.

“I’m sorry Kaylee, but you know you’ll be happy in a few minutes anyway,” Danielle tells her.

Krista attempts to put a hysterical Kaylee down on the ground, but Kaylee won’t let go. “Honey, I have to put you down,” Krista says.

“OK, I need to go,” Danielle says.

“Well, you were late anyway, so you can wait a minute. I had to sit here and wait for you,” Krista says.

“No, I have to wait on you every time,” Danielle says. She proceeds to call the police. “I’m supposed to be picking up my stepdaughter, and they refuse to let me have her,” she tells them.

“We did not refuse. We said, ‘Give her a minute,’” Bonii interjects.

“I don’t want her to pick me up, Mama,” Kaylee cries.

“I know, I don’t want her to pick you up either,” Krista tells her. “I’m so sorry.”

As Krista hands Kaylee over to Danielle, Kaylee says, “I don’t want to go with you.”

Danielle takes Kaylee and they leave, Kaylee hysterical.

Slide 6/6:

“What are y’all doing here? This child is paying for this. She's paying for these histrionics, calling the police,” Dr. Phil says sternly. “Shame on all of you for doing that!”

“We don’t want her to be like that,” Bonii says. “Before we even get there, we’ll say, ‘Maybe they’ll take you out for ice cream,’ or ‘You’re going to have fun. Don’t you want to go?’ We try to make her in a good mood.”

“The first time that she even went, when we said, ‘You’re going to go with your daddy,’ she was very excited,” Krista adds.

“The very first time is when she came back and said he kissed her pee-pee,’ and ever since, it’s been like that,” Bonii explains. “I want Kaylee to like to go with them. I can’t send her comfortably knowing that she might be going to be molested when she goes.”

"I don't know that at this point, but I tell you what. I'm going to find out. Make no mistake, I'm going to find out," Dr. Phil assures her.

He warns Bonii and Krista that if they are starting rumors, they are going to have problems with the court, and if Jeremy is actually molesting his daughter, he will also have problems with the court. “I don’t care who’s right or wrong, what I care about is does this child have a safe, secure and nurturing environment in which to grow.”

"There is one crime that I have committed."
-Time Out
Slide 1/7:

Dr. Phil takes Jeremy backstage to the greenroom. He gets right down to business. “What’s going on here?” he asks.

“The only thing I know is, is that I have never, in my life, ever touched anyone of that age in a questionable sexual manner, not even to begin with my own daughter. I could never do that,” he declares.

Dr. Phil emphasizes that he has no prejudgment about Jeremy or Krista. “You know that you have had a lot of emotional challenges in your life. You say that you have a problem with rage. You say you have a problem with anxiety. You work in a highly stressful situation. You have trouble with boundaries. You get angry. You hit things," Dr. Phil points out. “If you’ve crossed a boundary without understanding the gravity of what you were doing at the time, tell me so we can fix the problem.”

“Dr. Phil, to be very honest with you, the only thing that I can tell you is there is one crime that I have committed: I love my daughter. There’s nothing that I’ve done," Jeremy says. "The only thing that I have that I should be knocked over the head for is the fact that while Kaylee was born, that was probably the biggest drug time of my life.” At that time he was smoking marijuana.

“I believe that people who have nothing to hide, hide nothing,” Dr. Phil says to Jeremy. “You’re willing to be totally transparent here?”

“That’s right,” Jeremy says. “If I have ever done anything to her that in anyone’s eyes is construed to be unacceptable, I need to go to jail, because I have a problem."

Slide 2/7:
“Were you in a locked room with your daughter with her pants down?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Yes, I was,” Jeremy replies.

“Were you doing anything inappropriate at that point?”

“No, I was not.”

“Why was her vaginal area red?” Dr. Phil probes.

“'Cause she had a yeast infection because she wasn’t properly cared for by her mother.”

“Did you put birthday cake in her mouth with your tongue at that birthday party?”

After a long pause, Jeremy says, “I’m trying to think. Tongue, no. I’m not going to stick my tongue in my daughter’s mouth. The only thing I can think of is I may have had cake on the side of my mouth and she may have tried to lick it off or something. That’s the only thing that I can think of.”

“Why did it take you so long to answer that question?” Dr. Phil inquires.

“I was trying to think," Jeremy answers.

“That doesn’t seem to me like something that you would have to replay the event. You either did it or you didn’t!” Dr. Phil says.

“I wish they had it on tape. Show me what I did," Jeremy says. "Not that I want videotapes everywhere, but if I did something that’s inappropriate, damn it, tell me.”

“You know whether you did or not,” Dr. Phil points out. “Sticking you tongue in your daughter’s mouth is not something you forget.”

Slide 3/7:
“Do you think that you have good judgment?” Dr. Phil asks.

“That’s difficult to answer," Jeremy says.

When Jeremy started dating Krista, she was 14, and he was 21. He was convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. “Is that good judgment?” Dr. Phil asks.

“No,” Jeremy admits.

“If I set up an independent polygraph for you to take, will you take it?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I think, at this point, I would,” Jeremy says. “I get nervous about that kind of stuff, but you know, hey. I passed it up before and the simple reason why is because a lie detector test is not permissible in court. If a lie detector test came back saying that I never touched Kaylee inappropriately in any way, shape or form, that’s not going to change their opinion one bit.”

“It might change mine,” Dr. Phil says. “Will you take it, or will you not?”

“I’ll do it for you,” Jeremy says.

“It is not perfect, but I think it is in your best interest to do it if you are innocent," Dr. Phil says. "I don’t think it’s in your best interest to do it if you’ve got something to hide.”

When Jeremy says that he needs to get back to work the next day, Dr. Phil says, “I’ll get it done in your town.”

“Oh, shoot, bring it on,” Jeremy says. “I’m at the point that I’m not going to sit here and tell you a load of lies.”

Slide 4/7:
Dr. Phil asks Jeremy some final questions. “Were you molested as a child?”

“No," Jeremy replies.

“Have you been around anybody who has?”

Jeremy whispers the word "molested" as he ponders the question. “I don’t think so,” he finally says.

“If you have been inappropriate with her in any way, every day you let go by where she doesn’t get the proper help, is costing her quality in her life, because if she needs that help, I will arrange it for her. I will get her top quality help as long as she needs it,” Dr. Phil tells Jeremy.

Jeremy maintains his innocence. "The only thing I've done is I've loved her," he says through tears.

Slide 5/7:
Dr. Phil visits with Krista. “Do you really believe he’s molesting your daughter?” he asks.

“I really do. I didn’t for a long time. I didn’t know why Kaylee was saying those things and it made me suspicious,” she says. “When CPS came to my house at 4:00 a.m. and told me that her labia was torn, and I knew she was there for 48 hours, I knew.”

“I have a credibility problem with you,” Dr. Phil tells her, noting her complaint that Child Protective Services was just blowing them off. “They assume the child is being victimized until they can prove otherwise, because they’d rather have 10 false/positives, then leave one child unprotected who needed the protection. If they’re telling you, ‘You need to quit calling here,’ it’s because they can’t substantiate anything you’re saying.” Another credibility problem Dr. Phil has with Krista is that she denies knowing that she is reinforcing Kaylee’s separation anxiety. “I don’t know whether he has molested her or not, but you’ve got to know that you are reinforcing her saying you’re doing it.”

Slide 6/7:
“I know you don’t want him to have custody, but you are playing with fire here if you are falsely reporting this,” Dr. Phil warns her. “If you get caught up in a parent alienation charge, they can terminate your parental rights like that.”

Krista says she’s aware of that. “I’m risking it because when we were in mediation, I told Jeremy I will happily give him 50 percent custody, where we’ll split her. That’s fine with me, if he could pass a lie detector test that we would pay for. He wouldn’t take one, and that just proved to me even more,” she explains.

“You know what the worst tragedy in this would be? Is if she’s being molested and we do not protect her,” Dr. Phil says. "The second worst thing that could happen would be for her to be dragged through this, and you wind up losing your parental rights because of false allegations to try to get back at him."

“I don’t have any reason to get back at him. We broke up on good terms,” Krista says.

Dr. Phil informs Krista that Jeremy has agreed to take a lie detector test. “If he passes the lie detector test, what are you going to do?”

“I will apologize to him, definitely. I would still have questions as to why Kaylee says what she says. But I don’t think he’s going to pass,” Krista says

Slide 7/7:
Dr. Phil turns to Jeremy and asks him to agree to one more thing. “It is not because I have made a conclusion on anything that’s gone on here, it’s because I have Kaylee’s best interest at heart,” he tells him. “I want you to agree to supervision when you are with her, until we get to the bottom of this, which will be very quickly. And if you’re an open book, transparent, have nothing to hide, you’ll tolerate this for at least a short period of time. Will you do that for me?”

"OK," Jeremy says.

He turns to Krista and says, “This is not an admission of guilt on his part. It is not a step back in his rights as a parent. It’s just something he’s doing with me as a favor. You cannot and will not use this in a legal proceeding going forward. Will you agree with that?”

“I agree,” Krista says.

All parties agree to take a polygraph.

"Shame on all of you for doing this."
-Asking Tough Questions

Slide 1/3:
“I’m very glad Jeremy decided to take a lie detector test,” says Krista. She is convinced that the father of her 3-year-old daughter, Kaylee, has been molesting her. Kaylee has said that Jeremy touched her inappropriately.

Krista adds, “I don’t think Jeremy is going to pass the lie detector test, because I think he’s lying.”

“I think that he is going to find a way out of it,” says Bonii, Krista’s mother.

Jeremy says, “When the truth comes out, I am going to walk up to Bonii and I am going to say, ‘You lying sack of crap.’ I know that day will come — when I’m going to look at her and tell her she messed up.”

Slide 2/3:
Dr. Phil sits down with Krista, Bonii, Jeremy and Jeremy’s wife, Danielle. He says, “I’m in a position where I don’t know what the truth is. What I do know is that this child is getting exposed to a lot that I’m uncomfortable with. My purpose was to stop that behavior and start drilling down to find out what’s going on here.”

Dr. Phil holds the results of polygraph examinations taken by Krista, Bonii and Jeremy. He asks the three if there is anything they wish to say before he reveals the test results. Krista and Bonii both say no.

“Oh yeah, there’s a lot I want to say,” Jeremy says. “I’m a very good father and this test is going to show it. I’ve never done anything to my daughter, and that comes from the bottom of my heart. My daughter is safe in my arms, in my house, at my dinner table.”

Jeremy challenges Krista and Bonii, asking what they’ll do if he passes his polygraph test.

Slide 3/3:
Krista says, “I’ll apologize to you. But, I am saying stuff that Kaylee says to me, and I’ll pass [my polygraph test] too.”

Bonii says, “You pass this test, I will apologize to you. But, I will be looking for another predator, because I can’t imagine why Kaylee always says these things when she comes home from your house and none of us tell her to.”

Dr. Phil turns to Jeremy. “Well, let me ask you the same question there, Senator,” he says sarcastically. “You’re making all of these speeches. What are you going to do if the results say the other way?”

Jeremy answers, “The only thing I can say is I know what I did and did not do to her. I don’t care what a test says.”

Dr. Phil says, “So, if it vindicates you, you want them to fall before you and apologize, but if it says you’re guilty, then it doesn’t count.”

Jeremy replies, “If it says I’m guilty, I don’t know what to tell you.”

"I have nothing to hide, and I'm ready to take this test."
-Bonii and Krista's Results
Slide 1/2:
Krista met polygraph examiner Howard Swabash to take the lie detector test. After taking the test, she said, “I know 100 percent that I passed the test. I don’t know how Jeremy’s tests went, but I don’t think that he passed.” She added, “I’m nervous that he did fail, because that’s just going to make me feel so much worse to know what my daughter’s been going through for the past year. I hope he passed."

Dr. Phil opens the envelope containing Krista’s test results. He begins, “Question number one: Do you believe that Kaylee is being molested by Jeremy. Your answer is 'Yes.' The results of the test indicate that you were being truthful in that response.

“Number two: Have you ever coached Kaylee to lie about Jeremy molesting her. The answer is ‘No’ and the tests indicate that that is a deceptive response, indicating that you have egged her on or prodded her.

"Question three: Are you falsely accusing Jeremy of molesting Kaylee. You said ‘No,’ and the results indicate that is truthful. Number four: Have you lied about Kaylee getting molested in order to gain custody of Kaylee. You said ‘No, I’m not lying about that in order to influence custody,’ and the results are that that is truthful. You’re not saying it for custody motivation.”

Slide 2/2:
Dr. Phil continues, “Number five: Have you used cocaine in the last 90 days. You said ‘No,’ and the result is that that is truthful; that you’re not doing cocaine.”

Dr. Phil turns to Jeremy and asks if he has any comments about the test findings. Jeremy says no.

Dr. Phil moves on to the results of Bonii’s test. According to the polygraph, Bonii was truthful on all points asked: She does not know for sure that Jeremy is sexually molesting her granddaughter; she never coached Kaylee to say Jeremy touched her inappropriately; she is not lying about the molestation for custody purposes, or for any other reasons.

“So, you answered truthfully to all four questions,” Dr. Phil says to Bonii. “You’re being straight up and honest.”

"I'm a very good father, and this is going to show it."
-Jeremy's Turn

Slide 1/4:
When it’s Jeremy’s turn to take the lie detector test, Howard Swabash, the polygraph examiner, tells him, “I will pass you on this test if you’re telling 100 percent the truth. You know in your heart if you did it or not.”

Howard instructs Jeremy to close his eyes to think about every question, and to breathe normally. He also tells Jeremy to uncross his legs, so both of his feet are on the floor. When Howard asks Jeremy if he’d done anything to compromise the test results, Jeremy answers, “I wouldn’t have the slightest inkling of a clue even how to do that.”

Slide 2/4:
Before Dr. Phil opens the envelope containing Jeremy’s test results, he asks Howard if he had determined Jeremy had not taken any illegal drugs before taking the test. Howard answers yes. Dr. Phil then asks Howard if all the test results were double-checked by an independent review board. Again, Howard answers yes.

Dr. Phil says, “I noticed you were telling Jeremy to be still during this and stop moving around. What was going on there?”

Howard answers, “I wanted to make sure that he did not employ any countermeasures to defeat the tests.” He was concerned that Jeremy was trying to beat the polygraph; there are hundreds of Web sites with tips on how to do it. “What people don’t know is, I read these sites and I also go to federal and state institutions to learn how to counteract countermeasures,” Howard adds.

Dr. Phil asks Jeremy if he was indeed trying to beat the test.

Jeremy scoffs and says, “Like I said, I wouldn’t have any idea how to do that.”

Slide 3/4:
"Do you have access to a computer?" Dr. Phil asks.

Jeremy answers, "At the library, yes."

"Do you know how to use a computer?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I know how to get on my e-mail. That’s about it," Jeremy answers.

Dr. Phil looks through his notes. "Do you have an e-mail address that is analbastard@[censored].com?" he asks.

Jeremy answers, "Yes, I do."

Dr. Phil reads the results of Jeremy’s polygraph.

"Question number one: Have you ever put your tongue into Kaylee’s mouth while kissing her. Your answer was —"

"No," Jeremy answers.

"The results are that that is deceptive," Dr. Phil says. "Question number two: Have you ever touched Kaylee’s vagina for your own sexual gratification. Your answer was —"

"No," Jeremy says.

Dr. Phil says, "The result is that is deceptive." Bonii is in tears, and Krista is visibly shaken.

Slide 4/4:
Dr. Phil reads the next two questions: Whether Jeremy knew for sure how Kaylee’s labia became torn; if he put his penis or anything else into Kaylee’s vagina. Jeremy answered no to both questions and the test results say that in both cases he was being deceptive.

The only indication that Jeremy was telling the truth was on the final question: Whether or not he had ever taken inappropriate photos of Kaylee. Jeremy answered no, and the test result indicated he was being truthful.

Dr. Phil asks Jeremy, “Are you still maintaining that you’ve done nothing inappropriate with this child?”

Jeremy answers, “You’re damn straight I am.”

"I don't know what to think."
-Danielle Weighs In

Slide 1/1:
Dr. Phil asks Danielle, “Are you concerned about this?”

Danielle appears stunned at Jeremy's polygraph results. She answers, “I don’t know what to think.”

“Do you believe him?” Dr. Phil asks.

Danielle can’t understand how Jeremy would have time to do anything he’s accused of. She says he doesn’t change Kaylee or give her baths; he works nights, so his sleep schedule is opposite to Danielle and Kaylee’s.

Dr. Phil asks if she’d reveal if she knew something was going on. She says yes.

At this point, there are still questions remaining and details Dr. Phil wants to cover. His work with this family is not done.



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