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Anna Rose Csar's Aliases

Your movie star name: Dr. Pepper Frank

Your fashion designer name is Anna Munich

Your socialite name is Rosie New York

Your fly girl / guy name is A Csa

Your detective name is Panda EHS

Your barfly name is Pepsi I Don't Like Alcohol

Your soap opera name is Rose Center

Your rock star name is Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Car

Your star wars name is Anngob Csandv

Your punk rock band name is The Ok Ear Wax

ok yeah, fine whatever

Once upon a time, i used to write in this thing... time to start again? why not?

So yeah, i just graduated from high school last saturday, and i start SIUE in august.

I'm really boring. Rachel is here staying and that's pretty cool i mean i love milo and veronica. and my other niece danielle is quite cute too.

may as well like... IM or something

AIM: Charmandergobo
Y!: inchworm86

Bitch, i love my women like i like my playdoh, hard n salty.

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dervish has secret, sordid fantasies about aroonic and acts them out with princessleia!
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shinigamikun and doteatop took twenty minutes to decide what to tell the paramedics and the RSPCA.
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Danielle is asleep in my lap!


So.. whoa.. yeah.. i stayed up all fucking night.. .Crazy.
5 sodas later.... i've been up for about 25 hours now...
Xander was a wuss.. and so was ross... i won! hashahahahhahhahhahah i will stay up until xmas day.... that is only like..... 2 days away... that is only like.... 72 hours... >.< crazy..... I spent 20 minutes in the freezing cold this morning at like..... 6 am.... you should try it.... i froze my ass off.. and my right hand went numb.... note to self: Wear winter coat, and wear shoes other than converse in sleety weather. hahahahhahaha anyway.... today was/is supposedly the last day of school for this numerical year... but i will skip.. because no fucking way after staying up all night to go to school... >.< i was gonna pick up xander.. at like... 6 am... the dude was ASLEEP! i am teh winar! hahahahahhahahahha ... the only reason why i would go to school would be to go to physics... physics is awesome... plus we are finishing A Beautiful mind.... Russell Crowe is the bestest actor ever...

Wanna hear a funny story? Yesterday at my psychiatrist, my doctor told me i needed an uppage in my dose.... he thought he put me on lexapro... but i'm on celexa? he's like imma put you on prozac... i was like.. uh... i'm not on lexapro... he's like oh.. well lets just put you on the maximum dosage for celexa... i see him again in 2 months... by then lil sarah will be born.... and the insanity at the house will end.....

i crawled all over the house during the night.. i crawled mainly to living room.. i didn't want to wake up sarah.... sargie and i had a crawling contest.... it was crazy... i had to tell him to be quiet though..

Ok.. question! : My mom sends me to a psychiatrist..... to talk to him... and get stuff to fix me.... i go to him so i don't have to tell her my feelings n crap............. she ALWAYS asks me what we talk about and in detail.. i tell her. "I don't want to tell you!. It's personal..." >.<

I talked to rachel last night.. she loves her babies! veronica is such a big girl now! :) ^_^ i played ddr during the night... i got a high score. :) yays. my stomach hurts.. soda=sick anna.. >.< oh wells.... wow.. i doubt any of you will read this since last i updated it was like... a year ago.... yeah.... k



I've started the new year off single... not because i wanted to be... but because of being dumped again... oh well

I've not updated because i sort of forgot about it... oops... sorry...

I've spent 1 and a half years with someone then the day after their 18th birthday they decide to dump me... then their mom tells me to get a new group of friends....

I spent 5 days crying.. i've been cry free for 2 days... and i'm feeling much better... i'm not on the rebound.. just... open...

I made a buddy profile with my dream husband as one of the topics... he must include the following characteristics...:
"He must be an Irish David Duchovny with light brown hair to jet black hair with adorable eyes... NO RED HEADS"

I'm sorry for not updating... :(

Excitement in my little world!

Today is my 16th birthday!! yippee! :) tonight i have a date with my daddy to see Jackass.. ahahha :)then i have a date with Billy on Friday night to see Harry Potter... (yay.... dating.. what an odd concept!) nathan got me the 2nd and 3rd books of lord of the rings... lynze is supposed to give me fellowship of the rings... Bill is going to get me the Build-A-Bear Panda... :) i think mom and dad are going to give me my letterman jacket... my birthday dinner is:
Chicken Tetrazini minus the chicken
Cherry Coffeecake (the only cake that appeals to me)

It is not much but... those are my favorite foods my momma makes... and it is just going to be me, mom and dad tonight for dinner...well... my mom has a sewing class.. so then my papa will take me to the movie... another daddy camp

i do not really feel much different...

Looking at Veronica's most recent picture... vs1112 is the best.. she looks like the PERFECT little girl! :) she is the bestest little girl in the world! :)

well... Happy Birthday to me.. i have only gotten a card from the dentist... :)

oh yeah! i got a present from rachel in july.. :) thanks rachel! :)
Well. Hello again! :) is hs been a longwhile since i updated... in my world... the most recent things have happened:
1. Marching season is over!
2. I made first chair first alto in symphonic band.

3. Lynze finally said yes to Nathan and that makes everything so much better!...

I saw Moulin Rouge for the first time the other day... the movie was eh.. but.. the music is good... I saw sorority boys... yay! makes me giggle... "Daisy, stop poking me in the butt!" haha... good times...

Lynze, Nathan, possibly Bill, my dad, and I are going to FrightFest today!! yay... i haven't gone to that in who knows how long...

For Halloween i want to be a hobbit... i found several cloak patterns online.. i printed them out and i will show my mom when she is not so tired from travelling and working... :)

My birthday is coming up... 16.... ahhhh!...

OH!!! it was so great... I was washing my hands (big shock... ahahhahaha) and i was like... looking at the paper towels.. THEY HAD PANDAS ON THEM.... i was like... YAY!... so... mom and dad let me have the roll of paper towels so i could have the panda towels.. :) tis the little things that make me happy... :)

Yesterday was exactly three ago that my kitty Mabry died... boo... oh well... gobo is keeping me plenty of company.

OH!... i semi got a new wardrobe recently... I got a plaid skirt, a couple of tshirts... and 2 new pairs of converse! (red and pink) :)

My mom came home the other day from being in Oklahoma... she was doing estate stuff for my grandma.. anyway... My grandma left in her will for me... a box of pennies.
There is a special story that goes with that....
When i was 4 years old my great uncle reid(haha.. that is sort of a pun...) gave me 9 dollars in pennies. I was so happy... i put it in my savings account... that was the reason i got a savings account... but... my grandma remembered how much i loved the pennies... so she saved the pennies for over 10 years i am guessing... and the box of pennies she gave me was about 10 pounds (i weighed it on the scale) makes me really happy... i miss her...

YAY... bill just called.. He can go!!!!! woohoo! well... i am pretty content... :)


I got the COOLEST gift yesterday in the mail... JULIA SENT ME THE LORD OF THE RINGS SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO! THANKS JULIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)one song that just strikes me as WOW is The Council of Elrond... it just is WOW...

Chemistry is bleh... all you smart people...can you make joules and significant figures make ANY sense? i have problems for you!:

A 102 g boulder is falling at a velcity of 20. m/s. How much kinetic energy does the boulder possess?
My answer was 20.400 x 10(third)is that right to put it in scientific notation? can joules be in scientific notation!?

A block of rock salt has a mass of 10.7 g. Each edge of the block ha a length of 5.00 cm. What is the density of the rock salt?

A1980 penny has a mass of 3.5 g. Given the density of copper is 8.92 g/cm(3), what is the volume of the penny?

I used to like chemistry.. before it got all complicated... i still like it.. but AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! my brain is slowly leaking out of my ear