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Yesterday was my 18 week app, and then I went to the bathroom and let Andy sit at the computer. Andy loves Anna. Anna is the bestest in the whole wide world. And I'ma marry her. And she's gonna have our baby, and it will be the bestest baby in the world. And Anna is cute, and smart, and fun, and happy, and the best to be around, and she's cuddly, too. And I like playing games with her, cause it's fun. Sometimes, though, I don't know how she can just stand to watch me play games, but I enjoy having her there with me, knowing she's there, and being able to talk to her. I like talking with Anna. We talk about interesting stuff sometimes, but other times, we talk about silly things, and lots of stuff that doesn't make sense. To someone who isn't us, it's really confusing because they always try to make sense of it, when there's really no sense to be made, and it's more about the fun of saying the things than what they mean. And we like to word game people together now. Its fun to confuse people that way. Like when my mom asked if we were just friends, and we both came to a silent agreement instantly to use the other form of the word 'just.' And we proceeded to confuse her. It's fun. Being around Anna is fun. Yay! Maybe she shouldn't have left this open for me to type in, but I'm going to until she comes b

ok and i'm back so at the appointment i had to wait like 45 minutes til the doctor saw me, and it wasn't even the doctor i was supposed to see, but it was a really nice old guy that i had once before (my doctor just recently had surgery and wont be back for like 2 months) anyway, so they blood pressured me and i was 100/64 and my weight was 136.5... pretty good i thought. so i finally get into a room and i wait, and the doctor comes in and says You need to gain more weight. (hello, i eat constantly) but before that i laid down on the table to hear the baby. At first, all i could hear was my own heartrate in the placenta. baby was hiding... so the doctor was like... if you can't hear it soon, i'll bring in the ultrasound machine (apparently, the doppler thing they use to hear baby is like as loud as a helicopter is to us... i would hide too) but FINALLY baby decided to come out and play, and baby's heartbeat was 150 bpm... so they didnt have to bring in the ultrasound machine. so back to the doctor: he was like.. you need to gain more weight.. i think i've only gained like 3 pounds (before i got pregnant i was 135ish, then i got sick and went down to 129, then i'm back up to 136, so like i thought i had gained weight, but no. so I have to add a 4th meal to my day right before bed. and he wants me to eat ice cream because it has everything i need apparently. (i dun really like ice cream :| ) so we'll see how that goes because i think the reason why i'm not gaining much weight is because i walk everywhere. If i don't gain the weight, then the baby will steal it from my muscles and bones making me very weak. So today for lunch, becky and i ordered papa john's and we ate it in the lab. Being pregnant is fun, except i wish i COULD gain more weight..i know just wait a little bit and i'll be huge.

The ultrasound is on March 17th, and stacy and andy and i are going to go. I'm exciteeeeed. andy is really excited too because we'll FINALLY know what to call the baby. we haven't bought any clothes yet at all.. i almost bought a onesie when i was like 9 weeks pregnant, but my mom was like.. I'd wait if i were you because something might happen. So i've waited.. and now it's almost time to finally get ready for this baby (even though we've still got 5 months) So, when i find out.. the whole world will know what i am having. So, 2 more weeks and we'll know what the baby is. and good luck to me in the race to gain weight (25 pounds in total)


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Mar. 4th, 2006 09:16 pm (UTC)
You don't like ice cream? That's the worst thing I've heard in ages. I can't even imagine a life without mint chocolate chip ice cream. Oh, and March 17th I am going to be home (it is my spring break) and won't have internet so you better call me and let me know as soon as you know!!!!!!
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